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Enabling High Mobility-High Performance Professionals Connecting Work-Life Dynamics and Find Balance and Joy in All Aspects of Life.

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If you are

a frequent business traveller 
'on' or 'in between' Expatriate assignments
on Offshore/Onshore rotations;

and you want to work towards
your very own fulfilment and balance
you are in the right path.
Fast track it
with me supporting you

Walk the Talk
Power up 
Reach Plenitude

Dare to push the button!

Hi, I'm Ana
Welcome to 
Coach Ana-Powerhouse

Flying for business at least once or twice per month, being relocated on assignments of 1 to 3 years, cycle after cycle, changing lifestyles every 28 days of an onshore-offshore rotation, …, these ever-changing routines and circumstances, it sounds like a lot. Is it?


You actually enjoy this life, it allows you that freedom from steady 'no news' 9 to 5 working hours, it gives you that excitement, challenge and professional recognition typical of these dynamics, it gives you that refreshing motivation, it gives you good money! You are in this because you love it! But in the background, there are aspect that one could just live without, they do feel like a lot, they are sometimes difficult to manage, they always come in the worst moments. It hits hard in important aspects of personal wellbeing, they are there like little stones in the shoe, affecting our:


Change management

Self-Care and Time Management

Work-Life management

Partner with me in a project of self-improvement and accomplishment, where I am here in tandem to facilitate your process of personal self-discovery and change, the deep change, not only perceptual and behavioural.


Take it to the next level, the mindset change that will give you your very own balance and joy

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Sessions with Coach Ana were real eye openers to what true work-life balance means. I have all the materials used saved as my "go to" tools (…) If you are a busy "always on the move"  professional and, like myself, face challenges with the demands of your career and your personal life, then Ana Powerhouse is definitely for you.



Customer Success Director

I’m very proud of who I’ve become and the progress I continue to make. Although it’s hard sometimes, I enjoy the journey and I am so lucky that, on my way, I get to meet such incredible people like Coach Ana that help and inspire me. Coach Ana also shed a new light on my vulnerable spot (self-care) and not only reminded me where it comes from, but more importantly she gave me some practical tips that I can introduce in my everyday life. I’d 100% recommend Ana.

Sales Manager

NOT on Mute 

‘NOT on mute’ is the place where we will be able to connect virtually, where I will be entering your daily life in a very smooth and light way, but absolutely NOT on mute. Full of useful ideas, tips & hacks, teasers and, why not, the odd joke, reminding your busy self to (take) care, take it easy and that I am here to help. I will of course make loads of questions and will be super happy to see all your comments. Subscribe to my “weekly energy shots” and get a nice curated summary just for the busy bees out there who like to have their insights just like their coffees and teas, on the go.

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