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My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive......and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.
(Maya Angelou)

I will start by introducing some factual aspects from my CV:

  • I primarily took a science degree (Applied Geology) and specialised in Engineering, with a Master's in Soil Mechanics. I now also have an accredited certification in Life Coaching and currently deepening in the Neuroscience field (further info below).

  • I grew up in the highest mountain mainland Portugal has, studied and started working in Lisbon and moved to London, as a young mature adult, in what was the beginning of my expat experience.

  • For nearly two decades I worked in engineering projects, traveling Onshore and Offshore. I started in the environment industry, then moved to hard core energy industry, Oil & Gas, chasing thrilling capital projects and then moved to Renewables, chasing my values. It was quite the “complete ride ”, wearing many “hats”. I had the opportunity and privilege of sitting in all parts of the “meeting table”, as either the consultant/designer; the contractor and the developer/operator. Sometimes I was the Team Lead sometimes the Technical Lead, all in all I was always the Team member.

  • In the meantime I married another like minded expat soul and we have a daughter that is lucky enough to be eligible to have four different passports. 

Now, let me jump to what I call my alternative CV, not as objective but just as real.

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Some compassion

Idiosyncrasies were always part of my life. I am mixed race, born in Africa growing up in Europe, a Tomboy by necessity with a love for ballerina shoes, a Scientist at heart, an Engineer in practice; a “Mountain Gal” that enjoys blending with the city crowds…


There were times where I thought that this half/half, mix & match, here or there, was like being in the limbo. I was restless, in constant search of “something” constantly “getting there” but “leaving” shortly after. I spent my time literally traveling, physically and emotionally. Chased challenges just for the sake of running after a goal. Could I ever fit in? Could I ever find my balance?  Was that particular goal the right one for me? I learnt to embrace these aspects, they are not opposing, they are enriching me, the balance is the key.

 I also realised looking around that I was not alone, I listened to others, the friend on the phone at 2am, in crazy time zones, the teammate sharing that pizza in late night project deadlines, the colleague anxious to go home after a long stint offshore, the stranger sitting beside you in that overbooked plane …So many people wanting a bit more, a bit better, a bit different.  I reached out, I engaged, I shared, I challenged. Most of the times changing that bit would mean the world. And sometimes that bit was the little top of an iceberg.

By listening and mirroring back I sometimes did impact….I can help! I found my voice and purpose. And that was truly empowering. My journey as a coach was already ongoing without me even noticing.

Some Humour

I faced change many times, of many sorts. Jobs, house, country, lifestyle,… The one thing I had always in common through all my different roles, whether I was onboard a drilling rig offshore or sitting in a fancy office on day long meetings, breastfeeding my new-born, reading a book on a lazy afternoon… passion was there in every single second, for better and for worse.

I have been caught wearing high heels when taking the trash out (the only shoes available on the way out) but I have also been caught offshore wearing coveralls 3 sizes bigger (also the only ones available on the way out). Health and Safety says both of these situations are serious tripping hazard, please use some common sense! Honestly, they both led to hilarious tripping/ankle twisting. 


In my life I have tripped many times, fallen a few, got up, chuckled when the hurt was a bit better and moved on. Lessons are learned always a bit easier when wearing a smile, giggle if you can. Also, remember, sometimes quick or superficial fixes are not the best solutions… 


Some Style

Some Passion

I am strongly honest, honestly curious, curiously open minded, openly cheeky, cheekily kind. All of these, together with a pinch of activism, comedy and hedonism.

I am intense. I speak loudly, I laugh louder. I colour my life in strong shades of many. But calmly. Unapologetically.

Does it sound messy? It is! but once I feel a nice balance in between all, I know I have all I need. It’s a dynamic process, a flow, always on the move, trusting and taking care of myself and never forgetting to use my cheering crowd for support, including my coach (yes, I do have one)

Whether is love for the challenge, love for the money, love for the win, love for the recognition. Make sure you do what you do for the love of YOU and you will surely get love back. That will be the expression of your true nature. 

I can help You, if in any way you felt resonance with any of these experiences. I’m many layers of an onion. And my guess is You are too. If you want to uncover some of them, push the button 

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