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'Clarity Check-in’ call. 

A 20 min complimentary consultation-discovery call. If you would like to have a little flavour of the coaching experience with me the best way is to have a short informal screening chat where we can get to know each other a little bit, exchange some ideas and set the note for our partnership. After this, I will put together a bespoke offer and my programme can start to be tailored to you considering your needs from the first moment we engage. Let's give each other the opportunity to ask questions and mutually feel reassured this is the support you are looking for, let's connect.


Walk the talk

This is the 1:1 coaching standard package. It includes 5-6 sessions (50-60 minutes), with full personalised guidance and accountability support. It’s a comfortable nurturing ‘action based’ experience with proven results on getting you that meaningful change towards the next level. Our interaction will be remote via video calls, some of these may be walking sessions for an immersive experience and to enhance dynamics if this is your ‘thing’.

Book a complimentary 20 minute session to receive a bespoke offer and pricing.



The enhanced programme, with a comprehensive 1:1 coaching strategy with a total duration of 3 month. Includes weekly 30-60 minutes sessions, private exclusive access to me with those burning questions that just can’t wait, added support, customised tools and tips.  

Book a complimentary 20 minute session to receive a bespoke offer and pricing.


Rounded & Grounded

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Know more

This is the specialised 1:1 coaching package designed to support professionals on an onshore-offshore rotation schedule, also with full personalised support and accountability check. It includes 6 sessions (50-60 minutes) spread considering the needed flexibility to accommodate offshore commitments and rotas. Face to face calls can be considered during the onshore stints.

Book a complimentary 20 minute session to receive a bespoke offer and pricing.


Talking circle

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This is the group coaching programme designed to gather like-minded people who are looking for some good old sharing and mutual support but also individual self-growth and empowerment. This is one for the “collective feel”, to remind us we are not alone in our challenges. These sessions are prescheduled and include regular group coaching calls via Goggle video and additional support material. A “Power topic” is shared ahead of each session. Available at a basic rate of £50.


In motion

Power retreats, 

(to be launched soon, watch this space)

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