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Power the Real You



Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire.

Power is, in science and engineering, time rate of doing work or delivering energy. Power is also defined as a position or title or an influence over people, money and situations, it’s dynamic and can be extrinsic or intrinsic. Power is also and most importantly when what you do is what you are and that is a “power beyond measure”.

The power is around you and is within you, it keeps things, processes, and YOU in motion. It’s super valuable! Power is truly available to everyone but how can we harness that energy and make sure it’s giving us the “warm fuzzy feeling” we so much chase and the plenitude in life we deep down aspire.



Life flows. Life happens.

You have the Power to intervene


Do you feel

  • You are an achiever but want to make sure this applies to every aspect of your life you deem important.

  • You are energised but you feel you are not optimising your energy and time.

  • You are unsure of yourself or about your current circumstances and you seek some clarity.

  • Fearful that you are stuck in a loop or under a glass ceiling worrying about the past, present or future.

  • That “not quite right” feeling and you know deep down it is not just a nagging feeling.

  • Riddled with self-doubt, demotivated, or losing focus.

  • Like a “jigsaw puzzle” and don’t necessary understand how to glue it all together in a wholesome balanced manner.

  • If you feel uncomfortably “following” instead of “leading” on important aspects of your life.

  • You are getting out of your comfort zone and it is making you cringe.

  • Getting out of you comfort zone is your comfort zone but you feel you are unbalanced or tired.

  • You don't have much power to intervene



All About You

It’s all about You, in the mirror. True self-awareness allows you to understand your pains, recognise the blocks that obscure your visions and intensions, that stops you from enjoying. True self-awareness answers the important questions, even the ones you have not yet asked.

If you feel Investing in yourself is always the best solution and you are ready to enrol in a coaching experience that energises, motivates, and push you forward and ultimately holds you accountable for your success, don’t hesitate to Push the button.

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