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Truly knowing yourself will always pay off. Walk the Talk. This is a partnership of success
Coach Ana Powerhouse

I am here to support you through deep meaningful and thought-provoking conversations in a safe environment. In tandem, help you finding ways to release that immense energy flow that comes from within, enhance that tremendous potential and catalyse it to overcome whatever barriers you have to full success.


Be You

Please allow me to make powerful questions to unlock that positive meaningful change, let’s have purpose reflexions, and work on bespoken solutions.

This is a partnership of success. I believe in you and I want you to believe too. I will be your partner in this energetic adventure but make no mistake, it’s all about you, you Lead and I will hear you, be of service, challenge you, give you power(ful) tools.

It will be “You in the mirror”. And don’t be afraid of the reflection, there is no such thing as being a perfect being, BE a real one, it’s a thing of beauty.

I am looking forward to meeting you, have insightful interactions and see at every single one of them that sparkle in the eye or the smile at the corner of the mouth.

Some tell me life coaching is not for everyone. The reality is again simple and beautiful, it is a true commitment to self-care, self-worth and self-purpose and the choice is at your reach, you and you alone. You are worth the investment. Dare to Push the button.


Walk the Talk

The programme follows my own designed step by step methodology which fully embraces an integrative approach.


My background gives me a tendency (and deep love) for data analysis and empirical methodologies so I am always keen to have my processes and approach backed up by studies and proven observations. But I am also a curious mind and I want results, as much as you do.


Therefore, different tools will be used to help on the strategy and they come from all spectrums of coaching from neuroscientific coaching to somatic coaching. Most of all, your own narrative and input is the key that adds depth to the collaboration. Ultimately the dynamics and solutions are tailored and optimised for you. If you want to talk about this walk, push the button


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